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Create slides in a fraction of the time it normally takesSmart Slides is one of ChatGPT's most popular plugins. It allows users to natively use ChatGPT to make slides in a fraction of the time it would normally take.
pastedImageSave timeReduce the time it takes to create a presentation from ideating to finding layouts and content.
pastedImageFind ImagesSave time by searching for relevant and diverse images from across the internet to ensure it is high quality.
pastedImageAnalyze dataCreate custom charts by providing data to ChatGPT. This can be great for data heavy presentations.
pastedImageUse diverse layoutsAccess and direct the model to use a range of layouts so that you can get the best slides possible.
“Smart Slides is the best thing since sliced bread”
image—  Power User, Founder and CEO
230k+— Users
Top 20— Most popular plugins
1.5 — Average hours saved
15 +— Layouts
Content ManagementAccess and share slides easilySmart Slides allows you to instantly create a link to your presentation that you can share with other friends or colleagues.
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Reporting Metrics

Advanced Charting

Integrated ChartingJust drop in some data into ChatGPT and Smart Slides can build you a custom chart with desired colors, labels and sources. Need to write a marketing report in 5 minutes or do a 20 minute presentation on your scientific findings, try Smart Slides!Example ->
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Create slides everyday?

Smart Slides is great for power users like consultants, teachers, researchers and other people who need to produce presentations regularly. If you need more slides you can upgrade to the professional version otherwise feel free to use our free tier if you just need a few presentations per month.
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ChatGPT StoreSmart Slides is an early pioneer in the ChatGPT plugin ecosystemSmart Slides has been on the top charts of OpenAI's plugin store since August 2023. There have already been hundreds of thousands of people using Smart Slides and we have worked hard to improve the product and experience for users.
Smart Slides usersSmart Slides is used by the best in the businessSmart Slides has individual users from around the world who work for some of the biggest and smartest companies in consulting, technology, education and more including the following companies.*
How it worksGetting up and working has never been easier
1 — Sign up to ChatGPT PlusIn order to use Smart Slides you need to have a GPT Plus account. This costs approximately $20 USD per month. Once you have an account you can install the plugin or use the Smart Slides GPT.
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2 — Prompt slidesSign up to Smart Slides by finding it on the GPT store or on the Plugin Store. Put in a prompt like "Create 2 slides about cats with images" and watch the magic happen.
3 — Download slidesA link will be generated for you to download from here. You can click on the link then open the presentation in Powerpoint or upload to Google Slides for editing.
Pricing for all kind of businessesCreate next-generation slides with pricing options that accommodate everyone.
FreeYou get 6 presentations per month for free if you are an occasional user.
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What's included
Free presentations 6 per month
Includes Smart Slides logo
Pay as you goWe have plans from $5 - $15 for users depending on how many slides you want
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What's included
$5 for 10 presentations
$10 for 30 presentations
$15 for unlimited presentations per month
No Smart Slides logo on slides
Power UserFor $100 you can get unlimited slides for a whole year. Much less than the hourly wage of a high paid consultant!
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All of the features of other packages but unlimited slides for 1 year, a 44% discount
TestimonalsWhat people say about Smart Slides1
"Great product and plugin!"
Andy SmithPower User
"This is my best friend in creating powerpoints PDQ. Don't change it please. "
Laraine SummersPower User
"It`s a great tool, I`m amazed at what it did with very little information"
Mary PauTeacher
"Great plug-in "
William McPauPower User
"Awesome plugin!!!"
Mariah MaeSocial Media Professional
"Keep up the good work. Keep supporting this plug-in for ChatGPT."
John FinatiSEO and Digital Marketing
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Try Smart Slides for free todayTry to use our GPT plugin or Smart Slides GPT today to create presentations in a flash.
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Frequently asked questionsWe have tried to answer the most common questions. If you can't find the answer you are looking for here feel free to talk to us with our chat below or by contacting us at
— Do I need a ChatGPT Plus subscription?
Yes you do unfortunately. Currently plugins and GPTs only work with GPT 4 so you will not be able to access the service with the free plan.
— Can I try Smart Slides for free?
Yes you can! Smart Slides is currently free for users, you can download 6 presentations for free per month if you are the occasional user.
— Does it include images?
Yes, there are images that are added to slides. If you are not getting them show up the try to ask the model to include more image layouts.
— How can I manage my subscription?
You can easily manage your subscription by visiting the Smart Slides Subscription Portal. Make sure you login with the same email address that you used to subscribe.
— How can I cancel my subscription?
If you no longer require Smart Slides you can cancel your subscription by visiting the Smart Slides Subscription Portal. Make sure you login with the same email address that you used to subscribe. You can click on your user profile and then click on cancel subscription. You can also downgrade to the free plan to continue to get the 6 free slides per month.
— I can't login to Smart Slides?
There are two sign in methods to login to Smart Slides, Google Authentication and a Magic Link. If you are unable to login with one of the methods it is recommended to uninstall the plugin then reinstall and log back in with the other method.
— I am having issues with ChatGPT not loading
ChatGPT is the most popular consumer application in history and sometimes has surges of demand. They post updates about overall service performance which may sometimes degrade the performance of Smart Slides. If you are having issues visit this website to see if there is another issue driving it.
Smart Slides users and testimonials*Note companies listed are not company subscribers, this is based on registered user domains within companies. Smart Slides has no affiliation with companies mentioned apart from individual subscribers registering to use product.

1. All testimonials are true testimonials from users who have completed the Smart Slides survey. Names have been anonymized for privacy.